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    "the first steps to
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    Private jets and light aircraft sales
    Purchasing a Private Jet

    It can be a daunting experience, buying or selling an aircraft however
    it doesn’t need to be daunting at all with us...
    Here at AirJets we have the experience, expertise, insight and support
    to make buying, selling or leasing an aircraft easy and hassle free.
    Each transaction we complete is different and unique, however the
    pillars to our success are based around the following principles:
    AirJets was founded by aviation professionals all of whom share a strong
    passion for aviation. When we go to work in the morning it doesn’t feel
    like work at all- it is far from it, we love aviation and this is shown
    in our communication with aircraft owners and prospective buyers
    worldwide. We love what we do, let us work with you to sell/purchase/Charter your Private Jet…

    Part of the 1uk.com group of luxury product sites. Open 24hrs we can Charter jets from London to New York, Paris, Milan, Palma, Brussels, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Moscow and any global Destination.

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    Our Founder and President Paul Thompson encourages entrepreneurial spirit
    within the Airjets team. Many aircraft companies who sell aircraft focus
    on their fees only, we focus on your aircraft success but also at the
    same time creating long term relationships with each client we work

    Our team are on hand 24/7 to support you and your aircraft needs, we are
    the only aviation firm in the world who provides 24/7 support to
    aircraft buyers and sellers worldwide. Why would you look elsewhere?
    From the initial phone call, through to Air Trials, inspection and Finance we support you every step of the process and also follow through with excellent aftersales service.

    Selling Your Aircraft? Your in the Right Place

    Global Sales & Acquisitions of Private Jets & Light Aircraft


    Success doesn’t happen overnight, we know this. Each aircraft sale takes
    a lot of hard work, planning, dedication and effort from our side. We
    know what it takes to make an aircraft sale work, from the commitment
    and determination needed from the team, to the quality of photos of the
    aircraft we are selling etc. – we know what it takes and we will
    maintain a constant high level of interest and passion towards making
    sure we fulfil your requirements on time and successfully.


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